Real estate law is a complex field, and in cities like Vancouver, where city laws are passed in addition to state laws, the complexities increase. Whether you are an individual looking to buy or rent a home, a landlord looking to avoid legal problems or a business looking to enter or exit a commercial lease, the right legal help is going to be invaluable.

Attorney Brian Grambow is a Vancouver real estate attorney offering the services of a real estate litigator and eviction attorney to both individuals and businesses throughout the community of Vancouver.

Legal Help for Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Grambow Law Office PLLC offers the services of a real estate litigator and Vancouver real estate attorney who helps both residential and commercial customers with their real estate needs. Attorney Brian Grambow provides advocacy focused on efficient problem solving, helping his clients get to the root of their trouble to find a workable solution. He also serves as an eviction attorney in Vancouver, providing services for both landlords and tenants who are facing the realities of eviction.

Attorney Brian Grambow helps Vancouver businesses with both leases and purchase transactions. Whether you are looking for help understanding a lease before you sign it, are wanting to purchase a new commercial building or have a dispute with a commercial tenant, he can provide the legal advice and assistance you need.

The firm also assists residential customers with leases and purchase transactions. While all can benefit from these services, residential landlords and tenants need solid legal counsel under the current political climate. Many cities, like Vancouver, have enacted ordinances that add law in addition to the state Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Failure to understand these can lead to problems, and that is why solid legal counsel is important.

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Attorney Brian Grambow has experience with Unlawful Detainer and Ejectment as well as real estate purchase in Vancouver. He also has experience assisting Vancouver businesses looking to enter or exit commercial leases, both of which require the right legal understanding and knowledge.

If you are in need of skilled legal counsel to help you navigate the complex Vancouver real estate markets, he is here to help. Contact the Grambow Law Office, LLC today.